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At Extranice we have varieties of entrepreneurs who have their own business preferences & expertise.

​Every service and product at Extranice, you would certainly feel a very unique difference; because we serve you as entrepreneurs, always.

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What We Do 

At Extranice, our services are endless.

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Entrepreneur Program

‘Entrepreneur Program’ is a journey for anyone joining the team and has a desire to be an entrepreneur one-day in the future.

Trading Solutions

Our Trading Solutions division has been established with the mission to provide the best business tools for our clients to handle its current business situations effectively.

Street Marketing

If you are looking for academic smart marketing experts, sorry, we are not. But, if you are looking for street smart marketer, we are here at your service.

Paradigm Shifter

With technology and innovation,  new ways of doing things can be created. Let’s break the norm and shift the paradigm together.

Peculiar Talents

We are always open for peculiar talents to join our team. Our team also co-organize varieties of training courses from internet marketing, e-commerce, business management, or even personal finance.

Infinity Return

When you create a business from thin air, it’s an infinity return on investment. At Extranice, that’s exactly what we enjoy to do.

About Us 

Our Vision

To be one of the best places where those who is willing to get hands dirty could learn how to be entrepreneur by creating their own fortune, sharing one another’s expertise, and supporting friends & families.

Our mission

Here, we encourage entrepreneur’s mindset, respect ones’ social diversity, and pursue life’s freedom.

Here, we think smart, act faster, and always learn from mistakes.

Here, we acknowledge your genius, give you a trial stage, and send you to a real business battle ground.

​Here, we will help you start your own business, survive it, and pay it forward.

Our Philosophy

Have you ever heard of the book called “Good Luck” by Alex Rovira Bes and Fernando Trias De Bes?

“Good Luck” is a whimsical fable that explains the difference between luck, which doesn’t last long, since luck does not depend on you, and Good Luck, which is created by each one of us: that’s why it lasts forever.

In friendly, fairy tale style, the authors tell a story of two knights seeking to find a magic four-leaf clover in an enchanted forest, along the way impart wisdom about create one’s own luck.

The allegory is peppered with “Rules of Good Luck” and other mantras that manage (most of the time) to ring true.


The knight who makes his own luck and ultimately succeeds, of course, is the one who sees obstacles and challenges, not insurmountable impediments, and who works to overcome them intelligently.

He creates new conditions, seeks to help others, is unafraid to take action, doesn’t give up and realizes that opportunity is always out there.

The story is inspiring, and a series of quotes from celebrities and sages near the end reinforces the idea that success comes from learning how to make one’s own luck.

Extranice believes that everybody could create their own fortune and happiness by following the rules of good luck; here, we will find the magic four-leaf clover together.

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