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Entrepreneur Program

is living a few years of your life most people won’t,
so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.



The first stage for anyone joining the team, highly skilled in a specific area to provide support.


The next level for anyone capable of managing a business unit, owning the risk,  sharing the profit.


The final stage for anyone building the new company, and operating the whole business team.

Entrepreneur Program

‘Entrepreneur Program’ is a journey for anyone joining the team and has a desire to be an entrepreneur one-day in the future.

Extranice Co., Ltd. – Where Entrepreneurs live.

It is not just a sparkling slogan, but it is our core belief that must be clearly shown by our action.

Here, we do not have a  career path since we won’t ask for your hours being traded for only monthly salary.

Firstly, you, as a specialist, will be encouraged to learn, relearn, and unlearn one’s particular skills and support other team member.

Secondly, you will have opportunities to expand your horizontal knowledge base from other division to gain insight and be able to operate your own business unit. That’s when you become the Apprentice.

Finally, when the time comes, it is your decision to whether or not establish your own company. Moreover, we will be likely to invest in your business as well.

– The Journey of Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step –


specialist is a person with great knowledge or skill in a particular field.

We currently have 5 divisions that work on particular area of the businesses.

If you want to take the entrepreneurs road trip,  hop on board – contact us below!

Trading Solutions

  • Sourcing & Omni-Channel Expert
  • Hedging & Liquidating Expert
  • Warehouse & Transportation Expert
  • Trading Facilitator

Street Marketing

  • PPC Optimizer
  • Creative Designer
  • Copywriter
  • Marketing Strategist

Paradigm Shifter

  • UX/UI Designer
  • Front-end Programmer
  • Back-end Programmer
  • Business Development

Perculiar Talents

  • Talents Magnet

Infinity Return

  • Accounting & Finance Specialist


While you learn different skills as specialist, you have also expanded your knowledge in various field in the business operation.

The apprentice is an individual who is capable of acquiring new customer, operating his/her own business unit between or within the division, as well as managing profit sharing with the team.

Create Opportunities

The Apprentice must be able to find new customers, picth the sale, and close the deal. The most important point is delivering the promise.

Own the Risk & Responsibility

The Apprentice may found the team (business unit) from other specialist within or outside his/her division; however, any risk/reward has to be taken personally.

Manage the Team

The Apprentice has to be able to cooperate within his own business unit, consisting of selected specialist as his partner.

Profit Sharing Negotiation

The Apprentice will be responsible for making clear of his profit sharing model with his/her own partners. The project need to be 100% compliance with transparency policy by Extranice Co., Ltd.


The New beginning

Becoming an owner is an option for those who would like to pursue their own dreams by becoming an entrepreneurs.

For those who has been successful in the business area they are specialised, showing accepted skills and performance, as the Apprentice, may establish their own business by making their own business plan and business model.

You may invest in your own business, taking 100% risk and reward you deserved; however, Extranice Co., Ltd. will also be open to invest in your business as your are also part of our family.

The business opportunities are endless – it is your responsbility to make your dream comes true.

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