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Infinity Return

” Inifinite luck can only be created by taking action.”


Positive Cashflow

At Extranice, we focus on generating positive cashflow to truly create infinity return.

Transparent Information

We don’t aim to be 100% transparent, we are.

Creative Investment

Customizing financial modelling creatively to fit each client’s financial goal.

Infinity Clover

The logo of our company “infinity clover” was inspired by the book called “Good Luck” by Alex Rovira Bes and Fernando Trias De Bes.  A whimsical fable that tell a story of two knights seeking to find a magic four-leaf clover in an enchanted forest, along the way impart wisdom about create one’s own luck.

At Extranice, we believes that everybody could create their own fortune and happiness by following this rule of Good Luck

As young entreprenuers with low to non initial investment, we don’t wait for ” Luck ” to come our way but to create the “Good Luck” ourselves. Our favourite way of doing so is to create a business from thin air by using exisitng recsources such as our specilized skill. With limited resource, infinity return is yet … possibly created with hardwork.

Let’s find the magic four-leaf clover together.

Specialist Position

Accounting & Finance Specialist

Implementing and managing the company’s accounting and financial system. Keeping track of the number making sure that it stays in good shape.
Analyze business profitability, prepare management report and monthly, quarterly and annually business review

The Apprentice

The Inifity Return Apprentice uses their specilzed skill in accouting and finance to find new opportunities in creating infinity return for the company.  

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