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Paradigm Shifter

Creators and innovators usually create innovations; however, innovation does not necessarily has to be a new creation or a new product that has never existed, it might just be … a new way to do things.


Automate Process

Automation allow businesses to focus more on the key business matters and less of the menial task.  That is why it’s the key.

Innovate Model

Creating new business model through innovation.

Rebel Status Quo

Norms are broken to create new innovation. We don’t stick to old pattern but create new ones.

Business Transformation

Transformation – “a thorough or dramatic change .”

The competition in the market has become very critical. 
One of the most important factors for surviving this market competition is up to the abilities to spontaneously adjust its own business strategies and services in time, and to effectively utilize technologies for improving business performance.

At Extranice we belive that technology and innovation is the key inorder to transform a business ….

by using automation process  


Specialist Position

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UX/UI Designer

UX  designer develope logical flow by exploring many different approaches to solve specific user problem and ensuring that the user has the best experience.

UI designer on the other hand take charge of  how these flow are laid out on each screen or page with which the user interacts to ensure that the UI visually communicates the path that a UX designer has laid out. 

Front-end Programmer

Bring the website to live by implementing visual elements that users see and interact with in a web application across multiple devices.

Back-end Programmer

The back-end is the brain that runs the website. Delivering smooth functionality and information from the database right into the browser.

Business Development

Identify new business opportunities, communicate with client to to design a new business solution by working hand in hand with the specialist to execute and implement the solution . 

The Apprentice

Paradigm Shifter Apprentice must have deep understanding of how technology and business syncronize, leveraging in their specialisation in the field to acquires new customer, operating his/her own business unit within the division, as well as managing profit sharing with the team.

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