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Perculiar Talents

“Sharing a coin to others does not change the value of a coin; but sharing knowledge to others creates more values and opportunities for people.”


Walk the Talk Training

What makes us different is that shared knowledge here must come from first-handed-experienced entrepreneurs, not just from a great book reader.

At Extranice, we offer varieties of training courses from internet marketing, e-commerce, business management, or even personal finance.

We’re also open for partnership training program, contact us for more information if you would like to work together. 

Specialist Position

Talents Magnet

Talent Magnet attracts talented specialist to our team.
They also handle entrepreneur relations, benefits and training. 

The Apprentice

The apparentice operating his/her own business unit by organizing “walk-the-talk” training, generating income for the division as well as managing profit sharing with the team.

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