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Street Marketing

We don’t use fancy marketing terms. 
We prefer to be seen as Street Smart marketer, delivering our service from first-handed-experience, seizing all opportunities  with our tactics and strategies.


Street Smart

Marketing service from first-handed-experienced entrepreneurs.

Opportunity Optimization

We optimize opportunity, not cost. 

Synergic Oriented

where 1+1 > 2 always

Marketing Consultation

With experiences in both traditional market and today’s digital market, we have true understandings of overall market prospective; as seller, buyer and as a market itself.

At Extranice, we offer marketing consultation from an entreprenuer point -of-view, that’s what make us different.  

Interested in using our marketing consultation service?

Be prepared to show us your whole business model – just making changes in your marketing strategy might not do the trick if your whole business operation does not synchronize.  

So if you are looking for academic smart experts, sorry, we are not. But, if you are looking for street smart marketer, we are here at your service.


Strategy Implementation

At Extranice, not only does we provide consultation, but also a full team of street smart marketing specialist to plan, implement, analyze and continuously improve your marketing campaigns. 

In order to build skyscraper, the foundation must be strong, just like building a great marketing strategy. That’s why we start with the ” basic ” where our specialist will go through your business model with you, learning about your business as a whole to gather all the informations.

With the strong basic knowledge, tactics are developed and accumulated.
The accumulation of different tactics then serve as the building blocks for a successful strategy.

Interested in building your skyscraper with us? Leave your inquiries down below. We look forward to serving you.



Specialist Position

Hello marketer, our team is expanding!
If you are Street Smart and  passionate in starting a business, join us!

PPC Optimizer

Optimize pay per click for effective and efficient outcome from both paid and organic channel.

Creative Designer

Translating marketing strategies into graphic and motion design that communicates and sell. 


Using words to drive traffic, engagement, leads that that deliver sales. 


Marketing Strategist

Using specilized marketing skill to create new projects within or crossed-division.
Marketing Strategist set specific objectives to develop a profitable marketing strategy for our company.

The Apprentice

The apprentice acquire new customer. They take the role of project manager, being responsible for operating his/her own business unit as well as managing profit sharing with the team.

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