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Trading Solutions

Business trend rapidly changes over time.

Our Trading Solutions division has been established with the mission provide the best businesses’ tools for our clients to handle its current business situations effectively.


From negotiating  to exporting, our trading facilitator does it all.


Merchandise sourcing both locally and internationally for the best quality product at the best price.


Protect your business againt loss by transferring your risk to us via our business hedging program.


Turn your deadstock inventory into cashflow in a short period of time.


We are a bunch of versatile entrepreneurs who has different selling backgrounds from flea market, door-to-door, direct marketing, retail & wholesale, and, of course, what we are good at doing it, e-commerce business.

As a facilitator we help entrepreneurs to negotiate with suppliers, to manage import and export procedures, and to business strategies consultation.

It would be our great honor to have a chance to cooperate with you one day. Drop us your inquiry down below, we are open to anyone who would like to talk to us.


Local/International Supplier Negotiation


Import-Export Services

Trading Business Strategies Consultation


Our merchandise sourcing services are driven by the team of  real life trading entrepreneur who is always actively sourcing for the best quality product at the best price.

Our company is well equipped with all the required resources in order to handle the merchandise sourcing both locally and internationally as per your needs and specifications for all categories including, automotive, fashion, electronics, health & beauty, furniture, machinery and tools etc.


Hedging is define as “Protecting oneself against loss on  by making balancing or compensating transactions.”

At Extranice, we offer to hedge your product’s price for the purpose of risk transfer while effectively liquidate it within a short period of time via the unreserved auction marketplace.

Extranice Co., Ltd. has been actively participating in unreserved auction market.

We also do merchandise hedging consultation for consigning products to unreserved auction and offer partnership to protect loss and share profits from the auction in case you would like to participate unreserved auction.


Are you accumulating deadstock inventory?

Do you have off-season merchandise collecting dust in your warehouse?

Or your product simply aren’t doing so well in the market and you can’t seems to be able to get the sale after various promotions…

Look no further. With our merchandise liquidating service, we offer to purchase all of your merchandise at a lumpsump. WIth the cashflow, you could invest in new inventory and start generating new cashflow in now time.

Contact us today, we are here to help.

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Satisfied partners

Items Liquidated

Million baht cashflow generated

Specialist Position

Hello Traders. 
Interested in owning a business one day?
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Our trading division was established to help individuals like you to start their own small business by accumulating trading skills and hand-on experience.

Sourcing & Omni-Channel Expert

Responsible for sourcing merchandise according to client’s demand. Negotiate with supplier both locally and internationally on behalf of client.

Omni Channel Expert consult, implement, analyze, improve and monitor customer experience through cross-channel business model to ensure the best possible shopping experience.

Hedging & Liquidating Expert

Managing the company’s and partner’s merchandise hedging and liquidation.

The hedging and liquidating expert will have to plan, implement, analyze each round of unreserve auction consignment to provide the most effective hedging and liquidating results.

Warehouse & Transportation Expert

Ensure that the daily functions and procedures of client’s warehouses run smoothly and efficiently. 

From implementing warehouse system mangement, inventory control,  organize storage areas to managing shipping and receiving unit.

Trading Facilitator

The facilitator act as an important link between the division and our clients. As the facilitator you strive to understand your client’s goals, and uses your skill to organize a trading unit which consist of the specilists to produce effective service and solutions.

The Apprentice

The apparentice acquires new customer, operating his/her own business unit within the trading division, as well as managing profit sharing with the team.

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